I might be a little tipsy

And you're really pretty

But do you remember when we first

fell in love?

I can't right now

Don't remind me

I'm mad at you for something

Though now I'm not sure what

You're delicious like this wine

Good for my heart

Somehow bad for my liver

And turn my brain counter clockwise

Don't kiss my neck

It's passion I'm awash with

Any more and I'll explode

And I'm mad at you for something

I might be a little drunk

Fuck. I guess they're closed. Why are they closed at 5:48pm on a Sunday? What am I going to do now?

Kat sat down beside me, ostensibly confused at why I'm just standing here instead of going in. I look around for other stores that might have dog food. Kat whimpers ever so slightly. My heart was cracked but now it's shattered.

I'm such a fucking idiot. Why didn't I check what time they close before leaving the house?

I was thinking I'd stop by Target to get some shitty kibble for a night when someone ripped the door to the pet store open from the inside. I swing around to stare as they try and carry a large bag of new toys and food out of the store. I don't even offer to help. I just stare at the word I've only just seen as the door swings closed.


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