Letters From No One In Particular



I miss you more than I would a sunset if I never saw one again. I feel like I've given you up for Lent by being apart and that's the one thing I can't live without. How's Chris? How's your parents? How're you?



Your last letter was so funny! You seem to be goofier than ever and I love it. I hate that we have to juxtapose the brief touches we have in letters with nothing but silence.

By the way, I passed the BAR exam! I'm so excited to be a lawyer I could cry. And... now I'm crying. Happy tears though!



You mentioned a shipyard in your last letter, what was that about? You seem to have a lot of new endeavors! Also, no congrats on me passing the BAR? You feel different. Not bad, just... I miss you.



Who was your last letter to, because it can't have been to me. It had my name on it of course but... I don't know. In one letter you pour your heart out and the next you seem so cold. And you write me so often I can't complain, but still, are you okay?



I'm crying, Jack. I feel like you're talking to someone different every time, not to me. You mentioned in your last letter that you're going to therapy. I think that's really good, and I'm proud of you! I hope you can figure things out. I think this is my last letter for a while though. I keep reading and rereading your letters and I'm so confused. Maybe one day I'll get a letter on my doorstep explaining that you're just going through some rough times and you're sorry and you'll do better. But every time I write you I cry for what feels like forever, and I don't have forever left. The tears I have aren't happy anymore. I hope you are, or at least will be.